A medicine of excesses

27 Oct
Joan MV Pons

Joan MV Pons has published an opinion article in the Diari de la Sanitat where he gives his report on the congress of Preventing Overdiagnosis which was held in Barcelona last September.

Some of the subjects of the congress have been repeated and expanded on year after year such as that of polypharmacy this time round, centering on the need for sensible deprescription, selections made and the overdiagnosis resulting from early diagnosis interventions.

The article highlights the as yet incipient nature of this international initiative but which is becoming more and more of interest: in Barcelona, there was an increase of 30% in the number of presentations given comparing to the year before and more than 500 people registered and, needles to say, English speakers predominating. The role of AQuAS in this current which aims to appease the medical hyperbole in which we find ourselves immersed is also highlighted.


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