Season’s Greetings from the blog at AQuAS

20 Dec

From the AQuAS blog at the Catalan Agency for Health Quality and Assessment (AQuAS), we would like to thank you for having accompanied us yet another year.

With the aim of sharing knowledge and generating a space for thought, we have published 48 posts in 2018.

The editorial line of the blog deals with subjects of assessment and health systems, of the participation of patients and citizens, of low-value practices (Essencial project), of eHealth and connected health, of the analysis of data, of research, of gender questions, of inequalities in health, of innovation and of current affairs. The contents are produced by authors at the AQuAS and invited authors.

The five most read posts in 2018 have been the following (in alphabetical order of the title):

Next 10 January, we will discover the winning post of the Blog AQuAS Awards 2018. Till then, thank you very much for reading us and happy holidays!

Post by Marta Millaret (@MartaMillaret), editor of the AQuAS blog

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