Virtual reality, assessed reality

28 Dec

In recent years, the number of projects in innovation has increased exponentially. The presence of disruptive solutions has an impact on our day to day lives. From the use of mobiles and apps to that of robots and automation, the ecosystem of disruption has opened the way to a new paradigm: there are technological solutions which monitor and manage data of all types clearing the way for new scenarios.

With a transregional training and recruitment programme in the field of innovation, it will be possible to create a robotic continuum between the home environment and professional environments which will facilitate the adoption of innovation, individual preferences and HTA methodologies.

We are talking about the ecosystem of innovation and the ALEXHTA project.

The ALEXHTA project will develop a robot capable of writing HTA reports on any subject of interest, prioritised by the individual or community.

The next step (in its prototype phase at the moment) will be the AHTA algorithm (accelerated HTA). By means of a system of machine learning, it will create updated knowledge on demand based on previously written assessment reports and will synthesise the PICO question in a PCCO answer (Potent, Current, Compelling, Optimised) by also using information  published in real time using a virtual search engine in Pubmed/MEDLINE.

Once the most novel publications with the highest methodological quality on a subject have been identified, selected and summarised, this search strategy will be replicated on all sources of available information including scientific publications which as yet have not been elaborated but which already form part of the DNA of researchers. We are not talking about including pre-prints, but pre-thinks.

What is the aim of all this? Assess by innovating and accelerate by innovating (AI-AI). We will soon have more information about the ALEXHTA robot, developed by the main assessment agencies, which will no doubt become part of the everyday fabric of citizens’ lives in the future.

Happy Sants Innocents joke from AQuAS!

(Sants Innocents is the equivalent of April Fool’s Day in the English speaking world).

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