The reuse of data: a transforming element of social and economic reality

12 Mar

AGA2Anna García-Altés, Head of the Catalan Health System Observatory

The information generated through the contact between citizens and the administration is of great importance, ranging from registrations of birth to registrations in the education system; employment; transport; housing and utilities; the development of economic activities; tax payments; health system; the judiciary system, and even death certifications. This information is essential for the development of the responsibilities that are attributed to the Administration but becomes an invaluable asset for secondary uses.

The current economic situation has highlighted the ever present need to base public policy on assessments to ensure that its objectives are met and, therefore, that an efficient public resources allocation is performed. Data availability is the element that facilitates the evaluation culture implementation in the administration. Data analysis in each are provides information on the policy effectiveness and efficiency and tremendously improves planning. Continue reading