Ideally, professionals could prescribe app’s and websites with trustworthy and quality content

15 Oct

mireia sansMireia Sans (MS in the text), family physician and director of the Unitat de Gestió Hospitalet Nord of Institut Català de la Salut, in an interview made by Anna García-Altés (AGA in the text), discusses the advantages of the new technologies for the health care world and advocates the importance of digital identity.

AGA: What it is meant by digital identity?

MS: It is the set of information that exposes us on the Internet, whether we’re talking about personal data, images, records, news, reviews… All this provides our description to digital level. It’s important to not try to invent a false identity but rather to emphasize the virtues-values​​-knowledge-skills you have and wish to publicize.

AGA: Is it necessary for health professionals to have a well presented digital identity? What are the benefits?

MS: Yes, it’s fundamental. Working on this identity is the first step towards a successful and proactive management of our digital reputation, which reflects what we do, what we teach and say about ourselves and also what others say about us. Continue reading