Social networks and health, an opportunity that still has far to go

8 Oct

Josep Vidal AlaballJosep Vidal Alaball, Family Doctor. EAP Artés (ICS)

Whatever the field, social networks open a range of opportunities. Their features has been changing many people’s lives for many years, starting with the closest relationships to organizations, companies and brands around us and yes, even the medical staff.

In the health field, I’m not quite sure whether the social networks should be used to improve the relationship and interaction with patients, as this aspect should be dealt with in everyday consultations. What is certain is that social networks can be used to enable patients to consult doctors or reinforce aspects that sometimes can not be completely covered during a medical consultation. A good example is the use of inhalers. Sometimes, it can be easier for a professional to recommend patients a video showing how people with respiratory diseases use it, instead of briefly and superficially teaching the correct technique during the consultation. Continue reading