We must improve monitoring of heart failure patients and increase the activity of day hospitals

10 Sep

Captura de pantalla 2015-09-09 a las 18.21.46Antoni and Beatriu Bayés (B&B in the text), Head of Cardiology and respectively Medical Director of the University Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol (HUGTiP), in an interview made by Anna García-Altés (AGA in the text), Head of the Catalan Health System Observatory, explain their efforts of improvement for patients with heart failure and expose what direction cardiologic medicine should take for innovation.

AGA: You attended the Results Centre’s workshop in the Hospital of Sant Pau on innovative experiences in the field of cardiology. What are your views?

B&B: We believe that the initiative to hold these kind of meetings is very interesting and necessary, given that all those innovative experiences that enhance aspects of management assistance and sharing processes are essential.

AGA: What would you highlight most from this workshop?

B&B: What we’d like to highlight regarding this workshop is the transparency in the indicators’ presentation and the individual analysis that the centres’ professionals or managers have undertaken in order to justify the differences. Also we’d like to emphasize the enthusiasm in sharing those ideas and projects that have improved the indicators or that demanded courses of action towards improvement. Continue reading