Results Centre. Long-term Care Setting. 2014 Data.

20 Aug

AGA2Anna García-Altés, Head of the Catalan Health System Observatory

This report presents the results of all SISCAT long-term care centres for 2014. This year, the structure of the report is slightly different from previous years. It deals with fewer topics but in a more concrete in-depth manner. Similarly to last year, the results emerging from the information provided by the basic minimum acute hospitalization data sets and long-term care resources are presented which allows us to evaluate the coordination between care levels and early referral to a convalescent care centre. The tables with the values ​​of all indicators centre by centre -the distinguishing feature of the Results Centre- remain. As in previous years, all reports include innovative experiences that provide good care results, included in the Observatori d’Innovació en Gestió de la Sanitat in Catalonia as well as the experts’ opinions. Continue reading